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10 responses to “Volunteers

  • adhda

    Western Oregon Waste (WOW) wants to help with clean-up and other support. Let them know your needs. Contact Laura Leebrick, 503-861-0578.

  • adhda

    Home Depot – wants to help in any way they can. Contact Steve Thompson or Tammy, 503-861-9999 or 503-325-6446.

  • adhda

    Have truck, trailer and manpower. Contact Linda Brim, Brim’s Farm and Garden, 503-325-1562.

  • Nancy Karacand

    Gathering for Community Support at Three Cups Coffee House

    There will be a gathering to provide support to folks who have been impacted by the Cannery Café/#10 Sixth Street fire this Monday evening, December 20th at 6:30 p.m. at Three Cups Coffee House, in the Columbia River Coffee Roasters Building at 279 West Marine Drive in Astoria. This event will be hosted by a team of local mental health clinicians to provide trauma debriefing and support. Anyone who feels impacted by the fire and/or who wishes to express their support for those impacted is welcome to attend. In addition to group support, the mental health team will provide information about mental health resources which are available to individuals and businesses in coping with the aftermath of the fire. The team plans to provide additional venues for group support to address the developing needs of the community for mental health support around this issue. For further information, contact Nancy Karacand at 503 325-2895 or 503 791-8809.

  • Lesle Palmeri

    I can help by posting updated information to any business website so that your customers/clients/patrons can find out what is happening if they visit your site. Contact me at 503-738-3398.

  • happy zombie

    If there’s a fundraising event, raffle, auction, etc. planned for the future – please let me know… I’d love to donate something quilt-ishy.

    • adhda

      A very generous offer. Astoria Fire Blog editors are volunteers and are not fundraising or collecting any donations, but please watch the “Events” page for possible fundraising events or efforts that you may want to support. (@sct_r)

      • adhda

        When we do receive any information on fundraising or points of contact to receive cash donations, we will publicize. Lots of people asking about how they can donate, and we want to help make those connections as info becomes available.

  • Stacey Poor

    I don’t have material things to offer, but can offer some good old fashioned hard work. I would love to help out in any way that I can. Please contact me at any time. 503-338-9154

    • @sct_r

      Thanks for offering Stacey, and please check back for upcoming volunteer opportunities. For some it will take a little time to get things arranged, so they may not need help right away.

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