If you have questions about this site, please contact:

Tiffany Estes • • 503-325-4485

or Scott Reuter • • 503-298-5251


3 responses to “Contact

  • Manfred Beil

    Hi.Have you thought about doing an auction to raise funds.? We can donate some good items,Furniture and paintings,several clocks in running condition.The clockman in Warrenton

    • adhda

      Thanks for wanting to help. Please see the “Relief” page for more information on relief funds, benefits and fundraisers.

      The Astoria Fire Blog is a great gathering place for people to discuss and organize fundraising events, but the editors are not organizing them. (We have our hands pretty full keeping up with the information flow.)

      If you organize a benefit, please send info to the editors so that we can add it to the site. And thanks again for wanting to help. -sr

  • Scott McClaine

    Now that this is close to 16 months old, if it is not currently a need, how about deleting it. (or at least I’d like to withdrawl my offer for storage at the shop, as I no longer have the storage available)

    Scott McClaine

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