Astoria Fire December 16, 2010

The posts on this blog are related to a fire event that occurred in December 2010. Offers for space, furnishings and supplies, as well as requests for assistance, should no longer be considered current. The blog has received attention from the disaster response community as a “best practice” for using social media to assist community relief efforts. As such, it will be left in place in hopes of helping similar efforts in other communities. 

This blog is provided by the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association in collaboration with the Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce and Scott Reuter of Astoria CERT to offer assistance to the people, businesses and organizations that were displaced by the fire in Astoria, Oregon on the night of December 16, 2010. The fire consumed Gunderson’s Cannery Cafe, as well as No. 10 Sixth Street, which housed many professional offices and social service organizations.

TO USE THE SITE: If you have information to share regarding available space, furniture, office equipment or other resources that can assist the relocation process please USE THE LINKS AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE to find your category and post at the bottom of that page. If you have NEED for these items, you can also post your requests on the appropriate pages. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll find space for new posts.

The Chamber is fielding the bulk of phone calls regarding relocation and recovery assistance at 503-325-6311, and any information they receive will be added to this site as we receive it.

AS WITH ANY ONLINE FORUM: those seeking help and those offering it should take precautions to be sure they are responding to legitimate offers and requests for assistance related to the December 16 fire.

If you have questions about this site, please contact Tiffany Estes, 503-325-4485 or Scott Reuter, 503-298-5251.


A RELIEF CENTER for affected businesses and organizations will be in operation Dec. 21-23 and 28-30 with specific programs and assistance. This is a collaboration between CEDR, the City of Astoria, and Enterprise Cascadia. Check the Relief page for details and an application for assistance.



Astoria Fire Recovery Talk facebook page. For in-depth discussion of recovery issues, or anything related to assisting those affected by this fire.

Post-Fire Resource Sheet is a Google spreadsheet that can be viewed, downloaded, or printed. We’re adding data from this site as another way to access and use the information, as it may be helpful to print out in spreadsheet form.

The Astoria Fire “Where’d They Go?” Map helps to reunite you with the businesses, organizations and people that have been displaced by the fire. If you want your new or temporary location and contact info added to this map, please post your new info on the Where’d They Go? page on ths blog, or contact Scott at or 503-298-5251.

#AstoriaFire Live Map if you need or want to find space in a specific area, find all offers on this live map. All rental offers and offers of temporary free space are added to this map as they are received. You can also follow the “Tweak the Tweet” instructions offered on the map site to add your own offers yourself. Special thanks to Kate Starbird of University of Colorado at Boulder and the EPIC program for providing this great resource for our use in this disaster. -sr

Here’s a Storify Media Collection of news stories, youtube videos, facebook and twitter posts, and useful information collected at a webservice called Storify, where you can curate your own stories using information from twitter, facebook, youtube, websites and more.

#AstoriaFire on twitter View or participate in a real-time discussion of the Astoria fire on twitter at the #AstoriaFire hashtag.

The purpose of this site is to assist those affected by the December 16th fire in their recovery. It is not a forum for discussions, speculation or opinions concerning the fire and its aftermath. Site administrators reserve the right to remove comments/replies that are not in support of this purpose.

Photo by Teona Dawson